Leaflet.FeatureGroup.SubGroup demo page

Compatibility with L.Control.Layers and MarkerCluster

Use the top right Layers Control to dynamically add / remove Layer Groups from the map. Notice that child markers are actually added to / removed from the Marker Cluster Group!

This is the standard Leaflet Layers Control.

Note: it is normal that the computed clusters depend on the order of insertion. This is a result of Leaflet.markercluster algorithm.

This example is directly adapted from Leaflet.markercluster demo page. The only difference is that markers are added to 4 different subGroup's which are bound to the MarkerClusterGroup, instead of markers being directly added to the MCG.

Leaflet Leaflet.markercluster Leaflet.FeatureGroup.SubGroup

Note: local version is available only in local development and if dist files have been built.